Compliance Notice 18 USC 2257 -

18 USC 2257 Maintenance of requirements compliance statement records

All individuals were over 18 years of age at the time the audiovisual content is generated in since anyone shown in videos and / or images in has to accept the conditions of use where it is required that only People of legal age can browse, broadcast and / or upload content on this website.

The service is an interactive computer service as defined in 47 USC § 230 (f) and is also an Internet access service as defined in 47 USC § 231 (e), which is legally exempt from be considered a producer under 18 USC § 2257 (h) (2) (B), and therefore is not legally bound to comply with the requirements of 18 USC § 2257.

Each individual model using the services of is its own producer and is required to maintain its own documentation of age verification and of any other individual or individuals that appear on the cam with that model. However, to show our support for efforts to prevent minors from accessing adult content, we may require such documentation in compliance with the provisions of 18 USC § 2257.

In all cases where payment must be made, we require verification of the age of majority of the models and maintain records of requirements established by 18 USC § 2257.

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